what if I needed to add another post?

Just wondering what this might look like if i needed to add another blog post. I shall try and add a photograph…

Okay… that not going to work at all.. not entirely sure how i feel about wordpress… i think blogger may be the  one for me.



A day in the life…

So this is maybe my 7th attempt at writing a blog… This is clearly an itch I need to scratch, so ten years on, I’m attempting it again. I’ve discovered that everything that I want to write about begins, thereabouts, with the letter A. So I intend to centre this blog around that. So my first ‘A’ is ‘attempt’ and hopefully ‘achieve’… referring to my blog, an attempt to pull my finger out and get on with it, and hopefully achieve my first post.

Other significant A’s that I hope to write a bit about might include Adult ADHD, Acne, Accutane, Arians dating Aquarians, Aging (gracefully), Autism, April fools, Adventures, Amsterdam, Aggravations, acceptance and achievements, and generally things that I find awesome. Of course, my name begins with A too 😉

As life ploughs on I have recently taken a step forward onto life letter B… Bereavement. I lost my amazing Mum just 6 months ago and my life has been changed forever. I might write a bit about that. I don’t know yet. I will see how it feels. With that, I will see whether I want to move onto discuss life letter C…Cancer.

So here it starts. Wish me luck…